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How to Write an Effective Essay

Learning to write an effective academic essay is one of the most important skills you will learn while attending college. As a student, there is a high probability that you will have to write a considerable number of essays. These essays will help you to improve your written communication skills and enable you to communicate ideas clearly and concisely. As you master the skills required to write effective essays, you will begin to create your best written work.
The first step in writing your academic essay is to choose your topic carefully. Research your topic and make yourself an expert on that topic by utilizing the internet, academic databases, and the library. A university or college library is an indispensable tool for academic essay writing because it contains specialized journals, indexes, and critical works not found in a public library (Hodges and Whitten). Once you have a good knowledge base, analyze the arguments and evidence in the information presented. Pick your best idea and develop a clear thesis which sums up the main point of your essay in a concise sentence to let the readers know where you are going. Now it is time to organize your ideas by using the information you have gathered to develop an outline. An outline should have your main ideas in an orderly sequence, which represents the way they are to be presented. Remember that while you are making your outline, it is best to avoid repetition of ideas.
Getting organized
Developing an outline is the way to help you stay on track of things as you write. Try to identify your main point and your conclusion. Keep in mind that a basic essay structure should have three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is the first paragraph of your paper. It often begins with a general statement about the topic, and ends with a specific statement of the main ideas of your paper. The information should grab the reader??™s attention, set up the issue, and lead into your thesis. The purpose of the introduction is to let the readers know what your topic is about, and to inform the readers about your point of view. The body of the paper should follow the introduction. The body of the paper consists of a number of paragraphs, which develop your ideas in detail. You should try to limit each paragraph to one main idea, and prove your points continually by using specific examples. It is also good to use transitional words to ensure the smooth flow of ideas from paragraph to paragraph. The conclusion is the last paragraph of your paper. Its purpose is to summarize your points, and restate the main idea of your paper.
College and schools are now extremely concerned about plagiarism, which is copying the work of another person and passing it off as your own. The ninth edition of Harbrace College Handbook points out that ???you must acknowledge all material quoted, paraphrased, or summarized from any work. If you fail to cite a source, whether deliberately or accidentally, you are guilty of plagiarism??? (Hodges and Whitten 457). Effective essay writing requires avoiding plagiarism; although an essay will not be original, you are expected to refer to writers in the field and include relevant quotations.
Revising your draft
An important part of writing an effective academic essay is to revise your first draft. It is recommended that you set aside your draft for a day or two before revising. This makes it easier to view your work objectively, and recognize any gaps or problems. Revising involves rethinking your ideas, refining your arguments, reorganizing paragraphs, and rewording sentences. You may need to develop your ideas in more detail, give more evidence to support your claims, and delete unnecessary ideas. Moreover, reading your paper out loud is also a good way to revise your first draft. Sometimes, this makes it easier to identify writing that sounds awkward or unclear.Proofreading
After you finish your revision, it is time to start proofreading your final draft. The purpose of proofreading is to look for careless errors of misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, and overlooked capitalizations. Errors are more difficult to spot on a computer screen than on paper. Therefore, if you type your paper on a computer, print out a copy before proofreading. Also, remember that spell checkers and grammar checkers do not always catch errors, so it is best not to rely too much on them.
There is no better way to write an essay that is organized, insightful, and appealing than through practice, and writing as many essays as you can. The more essays you write the better of a writer you will become. The process forces you to ask questions, find the sources to answer them, present your answers to readers, and defend your answers against detractors. You will most likely use these valuable skills in a professional career long after you leave college.


It is Lewis??™ transformation that is the focus of the drama.At the beginning of Cosi, Lewis is shy, unsure and not at all confident in himself, and for a main character this is extremely unusual and proves to be very enticing for the audience. But his transformation into a confident leader for the patients isn??™t the main focus of the play. The aspects of love and fidelity, Roy??™s captivating enthusiasm, and the treatment and views of the mentally ill are also key focus points in the play.Lewis shows the audience from the moment they meet him that he lacks confidence and is a very passive and shy character. His first line, ???don??™t know??™, followed closely by ???I thought you were going to help me??™, indicates to the audience how uncertain he is not only to be working in the asylum, but also within himself. Roy immediately picked up on this and too charge. He had such a strong passion towards the opera, Cosi Fan Tutte and rarely showed compassion towards the other patients, and especially Lewis, which initially proved very confronting and frightening for him. On instance of this is when Nick comes to help Lewis and even though Nick hasn??™t done much, receives praise from Roy, ???Finally a director!??™ and, ???Brilliant! ??¦. Are you listening Jerry??™. Not only by Roy taking charge, but also Doug lighting the fires and Cherry force feeding him, we can see the struggle Lewis is having.
Although, Lewis??™ major turn point is when Nick upsets Henry. Lewis is forced to either support Henry, or risk losing one of his actors. And not only does Lewis support Henry, but he also physically stands up to Henry, showing for the first time his strength and leadership in order to convince Henry to stay.
Lewis then follows through with this slight character development when he chooses the Opera and the patients over Lucy and Nick??™s moratorium meeting. This is very significant and gives his character a twist for the audience in that not only is he standing up for himself and showing confidence, but he is finally doing what he wants and believes in by choosing the opera, love and the patients instead of choosing Lucy and politics and following his friends.

How to Write a Scholarship Letter by Laura Difiore Found in Scholarship Packet

Top Ten Mistakes Made on Scholarship Applications
By Laura DiFiore1. Forget to include your name and/or address! You would be surprised how many students do not include their name or address on an application!2. Submit an incomplete application. Make sure you include all required references, photos, transcripts, and essays. 3. Be rude or abusive to the judges. Telling the judges that they will burn in Hades if they don??™t pick don??™t pick you, or that they are idiots because they don??™t accept applications from students in your major is a sure-fire way to guarantee you will NOT be considered for this application, and that the judges will tell all their judge friends how nasty you are. 4. Submit a dirty application. Use a plate for your lunch, not your application. Don??™t spill beer on your application!5. Apply when you do not meet their minimum requirements. If they require a minimum 3.0 GPA and you have a 1.2 GPA, don??™t waste your time!6. Send it ???postage due.??? Oops!7. Mail the envelope but forget to out the application in it. Surprisingly common!8. Submit inappropriate supporting documentation, such as including a picture of you at age 6 months when the application asks for you to include a photo, or including a copy of your arrest record as a reference! (This really happened!)9. No one can read your application. The use of fancy, hard to read script typefaces on your essay pr handwriting that even a doctor would be ashamed of. 10. Spelling errors! Even ONE spelling error can doom your application! Remember, if you do not take the time to spell-check your application, the judges won??™t take the time to read it!


Cosi shows that love is a universal human experience. Discuss.Cosi by Lewis Nowra was a play set in the 1970??™s about members of the mental asylum performing a play in the backdrop of the Vietnam War. ???Cosi Fan Tutte??™ shows love as a main theme of the play. Love is the emotional connection between people or the complete admiration of something from a person or group of people. This is shown in Cosi from the perspective of Lewis towards the play of ???Cosi Fan Tutte??™ as he??™s love for the play grows as the play progresses. A universal human experience is something that everyone feels or experiences at some stage in their life and love is one of these experiences. Although Lucy experiences a sense of love she seems to shut it out and consider it as unimportant to her, which Lewis agrees with at first. We see Roy??™s love for the play and for Mozart, however it is evident through the play that he believe love is not entirely a universal human experience. We also see that many of the asylum patients haven??™t experienced love because they are kept away from the rest of the community. The opera of ???Cosi Fan Tutte??™ which Lewis and the asylum patients are performing is based around the themes of love and fidelity. By performing the opera the characters explore their views and values about love and fidelity. This is shown through the character of Lewis as at the beginning of the play in agreement with he??™s girlfriend Lucy he believe that ???love is not so important nowadays???, however Lewis discovers over the course of the play that love is important, through the discovery of Nick sleeping with Lucy and also the commitment that he finds himself giving towards the opera. This shows that although love may not occur for someone in particular, it may occur for something. In many instances factors such as sport or certain hobbies can invoke feelings of love and commitment, and in this instance the opera of ???Cosi Fan Tutte??™ ended up becoming what Lewis ???loved??™. By the end of the play Lewis has discovered that ???without love the world wouldn??™t mean very much??™. Lucy, Lewis??™s girlfriend is a character in the play that definitely hides her feelings of love or her care for it. Lewis explains this when he says ???she hates to talk about love. She things its icky,???. Lucy basically asks Lewis to choose between the opera and her, stating that the opera is unimportant. Lucy??™s thought about love and its importance is shown when she sleeps with Lewis??™ best friend Nick. This proves that to her ???love is not so important nowadays???. Roy??™s love for Mozart is evident as soon as we meet him as many of the things he says come from a Mozart play or something he said. Roy is the character that suggests ???Cosi Fan Tutte??™ to Lewis even though it would involve singing and it??™s in Italian. This shows that Roy??™s love for Mozart from the start slowly rubs off on Lewis as the play progresses. Back in the 1970??™s people with some sort of problem were considered crazy and all thrown together in one group. This is evident in Lewis Nowra??™s play of ???Cosi??™ as all asylum patients are taken from the rest of the community and restricted to an asylum ward. This leads to why a majority of the patients want to be a part of the play, as it is an opportunity to get away from it all. In the end this is what they learn to love over time although people??™s views during the time almost showed that asylum patients did not deserve love at all.

How to Write a Letter – Garrison Keillor

Preservation of a Letter
As technology has become more common, writing a letter has become an act of the past. The essay ???How to Write a Letter???, by author Garrison Keillor, is trying to portray to a younger audience that taking the time out of one??™s day to write out a letter to a dear friend would mean a lot to him or her. Keillor uses many strategies to persuade the reader that letters are still a practical and possibly more personal way to communicate.
Keillor is merely situating the idea of writing a letter in our heads to make sure we do not bypass our typical lazy thought process, which directly links us to instant messaging, emails, or a simple phone call. Keillor writes out genuinely friendly notes on paper so the reader can visually identify what he depicts as an informal letter. With his playful examples of an unconventional letter, he is trying to captivate a younger, more technologically advanced, generation. Through the essay, it is evident an extraordinary effort is focused to separate this new young generation away from modern technology and to show them another, more compassionate way to communicate with another person regardless of to whom they may be writing to. In addition, Keillor explains how writing should not be an obligatory event. Moreover, writing a letter for pleasure does not require extensive planning.
specifically to write to them deeply touches that person. Keillor reasons with the reader that writing an approximate fifty-word letter can depict much more than one phone call. Keillor is trying to encourage a younger, more modern generation to preserve their past through the process of writing letters. The extent to which the author goes to explain his stance on writing letters gives the reader the inspiration explained through the essay. Realistically, writing a letter does not take much time out of one??™s day. Letters do not need to be elaborate; however, if you are in a creative mood, a letter can express your own individuality to the receiver. One can always decorate the letter, as Keillor says, ???It??™s not a term paper??? (Keillor 314), therefore, if it brings you content to decorate the letter by coloring, drawing or even painting it, go for it. Ultimately, one can include or exclude as many details as they want in the outgoing envelope.
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